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Boulder Adventures is an experienced provider of development courses having been operating from our base in Llanberis, Snowdonia, since 2003. Many of our events would be deemed teambuilding but we also understand that many courses are for personal development working on skills to be transferred to future work environments. We give more basic information below but you may find it more helpful to visit our other website - www.boulderdevelopment.co.uk.

Events for some have been as simple but grand as assents of Snowdon as a team challenge, while many others have chosen our always popular orienteering and raft building challenge which we run in Padarn Country Park. The Orienteering and Raft Build has proved hugely successful with military groups to college lecturers, combined with the local high ropes course it also proved a great success for a car manufacturer we have regularly worked with.

Most of our adventurous activities can be incorporated into our development courses which make them more exciting and memorable than your standard command tasks. The apprentice courses we have run for a number of years for market leading technology focused companies ensure that participants go away having taken part in gorge scrambling rock climbing and abseiling to mention some while having the theoretical aspect included through planning meetings and facilitated reviews with our experienced staff.

The majority of the courses we run are from our base in North Wales due the fabulous resources we have at our disposal but much of what we do is transferrable and we can set events up in the workplace. For one company we even managed to run abseils off their water tower and crate climbs with the teams suspended by climbing ropes from the roof of the warehouse.


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A fantastic week and an ultra friendly atmosphere