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Boulder Adventures provide some of the best value adventure packages in the outdoor industry, this is possible because when booking with us you are not talking to the middle man, you are talking directly to the activity provider.

We accept that every adventure has to be specially tailored to the requirements of our groups, and as part of the process we do not mix bookings. This does mean that we have some minimum charges but ensures that you are not sharing a session with a group with different agendas. We feel this is the way to uphold the quality in our session delivery and the reason so many of our customers return time and time again. After all, you are choosing us for the time of your life.

Boulder Adventures has been owned and run by David Crombie since 2003 and has seen thousands of adventurers through its doors. The company operates two large centres in Llanberis but can also meet clients at venues across Snowdonia and North Wales. We pride ourselves on the variety of venues we use and are happy to suggest which we think are best for specific clients.

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